Thursday, December 8, 2011

Com 426

If you are thinking of taking Com 426, go for it. It is a great class. You will learn how to write a news article from a professional. The teacher is really good and really willing to help.
Don’t take Com 328 and Com 426 together. You will be doing too much writing and a lot of reading. Also, Com 315 (Photojournalism) is a great class to take before Com 426. It will teach you how to take pictures like a professional.
Best Regards,

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The cleveland Stater Class

I really like this class. It gives me the freedom to write and grow at really convenient times. They give you an electronic key The Cleveland Stater room, and you can come and go at all types of hours.
I can come and write whenever I choose to is the greatest thing about this class. Another great thing about Com 426 is the teacher. He is very helpful and very pleasant. He is one of the very few teachers who are willing to help you because he or she cares about your performance.
Best Regards,