Friday, October 21, 2011

Online Diary

I have been very busy lately. This semester I will have to turn in about 24 papers. That is a lot of writing. On top of that, I obligated to interview several people as reference for 10 news articles.
Nevertheless, I am starting to like writing. I can see it getting a lot easier. If you read enough, writing becomes a natural and easy process.
I never thought that I would be playing around with words like this. Until I started back to college, I only completed like third or fourth grade. So reading and writing is not a natural strong point for me.
When I first started writing back at CCC, in a marketing class, it took me eight hours to write a good short paragraph. Since I have been pursuing a degree in journalism, I can write a good article in eight hours.
I will be posting a poem I write at Tri-C. It is about religion. It is about the devil getting burned, and it’s kind of funny. If you are religious, you will probably laugh.
I really think God has a job for me to accomplish. Think the task involves the whole world. To help facilitate the job, I think I’ll start a religious news website.
I think judgment day is coming. If you want to count down with me as the editor and producer of the site, check me out. I will keep you posted on its creation.
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