Thursday, March 1, 2012

First edition problems (com 427)

My Brothers and Sisters,
The very first publication date of The Cleveland Stater, January 31, 2012, I felt the presence of true evil. I cannot contend that the instrument it was working through was fully involved, but I could feel it’s hatred towards me (emanating from the outlet). As Goundi would put it, I felt an ancient evil about the room, but I could not identify it.
To design a page for the paper, I was assigned to work with a young lady (a Caucasian girl with sandy brown hair).  Before she arrived, I worked on the page’s layout for a couple of hours. I had planned to shoot a news video that day and was asked to take pictures of the parking situation at CSU by a female student as well.  As these smaller projects became available, I left my station to attend to them.
After I shot the video, I worked on the layout of page four for a short while. Since very few people were in the room, I decided to take pictures of a line of cars waiting to enter a full parking lot at a CSU garage. When I returned, there was a male student working at the computer station I was working at.
There was an available work station right next to him, and shortly after I began working on the page again, the young lady I was assigned to work with showed-up. She was a new student (taking Com 426). I decided that the best way to teach her was to let her design the page as I observed and helped her.
After I helped her with the basics, I decided to edit a few pages. I like to keep the production flow as diligent as possible. I frequently came back to the workstation to help the student as much as possible (after all this is the way I learned when I was taking Com 426). I also explained to her that other students knew the program better than I did and that they would be willing to help her if she got stuck and I was not around.
However, while I was editing, the room became full. All of the workstations were being used, and the area where the young lady was working became very crowded. The workstation I was originally working on is located at the very end of the room, and the station the young lady and me were working at is right next to it.
In this small area, there were six students, two students working at one station to the left of me, the blond haired dude to the right of me, and two female students leaning against the wall directly behind me. As I was trying to help the young lady, the students in the immediate vicinity kept annoying the hell out of me. To make matters worse, the dude to the left of me, working with another student, kept bumping into me.
I really believe the students were trying to get me in a fight, so I decided to go and edit some papers. After I edited a few papers, the edit sign-up sheet disappeared. I edited about four or five papers, but was only able to initial about two edits.
Periodically, I would go and see how the new student was doing, and the area would become crowed again. The layout of the page was just about finished, so I left the area to edit some more papers. After the page was printed, the editor came to me and started bitching about a few errors (the lines to separate the stories was missing, one heading should have been italicized, and some other complaint).
I have always heard that CSU was racists, but that they wouldn’t let you know it until you are about to graduate.
The errors on the page layout could have been fixed by the editor in about 5 or 10 minutes, but he chose to complain to me about it. It was the last page left to edit. When he came to me and started complaining, I was editing a page. Most of the class had left the room, and I told him I would correct it after I edited the page. I finished editing the page about 5 minutes later and started to make the corrections on the computer. Before I could finish correcting the page, the layout the young lady and I was working on got lost. And the editor decided to layout the page himself, which left me with nothing to do. And wouldn’t you know it, the teacher comes in the Stater room while I am reading blogs for another class.
I worked very hard that day, but the editor started bitching to the teacher as if I was the problem. I have always heard that White America posses a glass ceiling for non-white Americans. This is one of several classes I have attended where I feel like the students collaborate to cheat me out of excellent grades.
I am posting this blog today, but I have been trying to post it since Feb. 9. I wrote most of it then, but I keep forgetting to post it until now.
I am writing this in such a fashion because I strongly believe that Armageddon is coming soon. I really believe the day when good and evil will fight for control of the earth is around the corner.
P.S. The class is going much smoother. I really believe it is because I have missed the deadline for a blog. Funny thing, I even forgot the day my appointment was on. Now, I don’t know how I am doing in the class. Luckily, the teacher is really cool. I will certainly try to make up the work on blogs and videos.
Best Regards,


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