Sunday, May 6, 2012

Late for production meetings

Brothers and Sisters,
Well, I’ve seemed to learn how to deal with racism. However, I am still convinced that evil prevails at Cleveland State, particularly in areas that are traditionally run by white men. During the semester, I frequently found myself being made out to be a typical loser African American male, and it seems that it is a universal ideology. I mean to say that the majority of whites like to practice it.
This semester, I found myself being late to production meetings. In spite of trying very hard, I just could not seem to arrive early enough, and I strongly believe that the problems preventing me from exercising such professional standards were fabricated. I am saying that this disassociation and ridicule I face at Cleveland State seems to follow me around in my life outside of Cleveland State.
I am more convinced than ever before that racism will be the very instrument that nearly destroys the Earth. There seems to be a hidden motif behind American racism, and the death of African American and colored people in general seems to be the only thing that really pacifies American racism.
In spite of being late several times (a typical association of African American people) and missing the opportunity to layout a couple of pages, I did manage to edit several papers. I tried to pull my weight in the class. That made me feel better, even though I still feel like I let the class down, but I am sure that my effort to edit additional papers has paid off for the entire class.
So, what is my recommendation for racism? I think racism can be countered with professionalism and dedication. In my opinion, colored people must make the effort to prove to themselves and to whites that they can do things just as well (if not better) than anybody else. Also, colored people must help one another survive in a world the seeks to eliminate them. I think this ideology is a simple patch, yet I am afraid to think what the ultimate resolution must be.
I am very glad to have met the teacher and to have the opportunity to have written an article about some of his work. I consider him a comrade in a world of hatred that his and my kind must collaborate and bring about a universal peace.    
Best Regards,

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